About Us

About Blue Ridge Industries

Headquartered in Greensboro, N.C., Blue Ridge Industries (BRI) was founded in 2005 by Russell R. Myers and Michael G. Pappas, and is focused on acquiring controlling interests in companies throughout the Southeast with a minimum of $2 million of EBITDA.

Formerly Blue Ridge Capital Holdings, Blue Ridge Industries (BRI) is an industrial holding company that concentrates on manufacturing, service, and industrial distribution businesses.  Since its inception, the company has acquired or internally built nine entities, with consolidated annual revenues ranging from $20 million to $100 million.  

BRI successfully exited its first portfolio company in August 2014, resulting in a 6.3X return on investor capital and a 33% internal rate of return.

Blue Ridge Industries is deeply involved in the strategies and operations of its portfolio companies, which helps provide a successful exit for founding shareholders and maximize the internal rate of return to its investors.

The goal of Blue Ridge Industries is to build long-term shareholder value, which we will achieve through the following:


-Execution of our ‘value creation holding company model’

-A solid investor base

-The hands-on operating expertise of our managers

-Our close association with quality senior and sub-debt lenders